Five MUST HAVE Amazon Products!!

Hey guys! So I have been looking for a lot of good reuseable items to use and amazon has honestly been my go to. Amazon has some of the best prices and I do have prime so I do not have to pay for the shipping and get the two day shipping.
FIRST product: These are stainless steel straws, there are multiple reasons that I do love these! I ordered them a couple months ago because we go through so many straws so to me it was a good investment. They are amazing honestly and dishwasher safe, so we have two sets, I did order a second kind which I will post as well which are a little smaller. The first set was the ulra long 10.5 inches.
This is the link that you can go and check out the product! //

These straws are the 8.5 inch ones //

SECOND product: Reusable ziploc bags! I am very huge on reusable items because it makes things easier, you wont run out of bags and you dont have to keep buying them when you have a good amount that fits you. These again are definitly an investment and It is something you will have to work into your everyday life and slowly buying them.

THIRD product: Milky Piggy Bubbly Mask! This product helps take the black heads away and leave you with clear skin, it is best to use a mask every other day or every two days just so you are not constantly putting the mask on your skin you might not see the same results. //

FOURTH product: The Amazon Echo, this whole line of echo is really cool! You can do so much with these devices which includes talk to alexa. This gives you the ability to control lights if you have the lights that are compatible with this type of system.

FIFTH product: this is a basic cube organizer but I love it because it is a more stylish way to organize my yarn and crafts making it look more organized and less messy!

These products are for the most part pretty different from each other but I do love using each of them! Thanks for reading!

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