As we are slowly approaching the winter season I just wanted to let my fellow crafters/crochet/knitters know about the opportunities that are presented in your local hospice and animal shelters.

Animal Shelters- around where I live there have been some animal shelters that have been reaching out to the community for any type of blanket to be donated to them so they can make sure that the dogs stay warm! You will need to call your local shelters to ask and see if they are looking for any because I know it does not qualify for all of the shelters. While you are asking to donate any blankets that are laying around your house not being used also ask if you can make some dog toys for them! Like in my previous post about how to make dog and cat toys. Anything will be able to help most non-profit animal shelters.

Hospice- Another place that has been reaching out to the public is local hospice! They also have been requesting lap blankets in order to help keep their residents nice and toasty! I am not sure what else you would be able to donate but I am sure you can ask what else they might be looking for, if they are looking for blankets if you can take you time to make quick small lap blankets that would be amazing!

DISCLOSURE: I am in no way being sponsored to get any of this information out, I like to partake in any way to help the community that I can! I also encourage as many people to do it as well, this can be helpful when it comes to college resumes, helping someone in need and making their day! There is no better joy in life than being able to help someone else out and then seeing the smile and gratefulness that they give to you.

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