DIY super easy dog toys!

Do you have a bunch of old t-shirts that you have not worn in forever?
Do you have dogs and or cats that like to play with toys?
Well now you can easily re-use those old t-shirts for your beloved pets. Take whatever shirt of your choosing and then cut the sleeves off to start. After you cut off the sleeves lay the shirt on the ground and try and cut even strips. I say try becasuse they really do not have to be even and you may choose the width on how you see fit.
Once you get get six strips up pair them up in twos, this makes the two even a little bit stronger so it will last longer.
To start off tie all six strips together in one knot, you can leave some extra on the end.
After that start braiding, a simple three strand braid, if you are not sure how to do this please message me and I can show you how and make another tutorial.
Once you get to your desired length tie another knot and make sure the end tails are even. You have super quick and easy chew toy for your dog!

p.s. I will be updating this post and or uploading more posts with other toys in them for a variety! stay tuned!

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