Screw ONLY recycling, start using these for your food!

Hi loves!

How many ziploc bags do you use not ONLY for food but to store different types of items? We are all guilty of going towards some sort of plastic bag so it is easy to just toss whatever you are using into the trash when you are done (or recycliing). Try these RESUABLE ziploc bags, I personally love these. When I need to store anything they make it easy and they are also heat safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and you can store things in them. They are pricey for just 4 of them but it will pay off in the end because you will not have to continue buying ziploc bags and just throwing them out!

Thanks for reading! Remember just a little helps and goes a long way in helping to end all the pollution in our oceans and earth!

Link will be down below!

Have a great day!


    1. Love love love this! I have been looking into so many more ways to slowly start cutting out plastic in my life. Which in this day and age is pretty difficult but I am determined to start making a change with plastic, the smallest things can make a difference! I recently ordered reusable straws from amazon as well! Loving them so much!

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