DIY body exfoliant!

Treating yourself can be done in the most simple of ways! Here is a five minute DIY that you can use in the shower everyday to help just get the dead skin off and keep your skin glowing!

DISCLOSURE: I do these DIYs for fun! I am in no way a type of cosmetologist and or an expert. I just love to try different things especially when it comes to treating yourself 🙂

Items needed for activity:

-Mason jars (for continued freshness)

-Any type of sugar you choose… natural sugar will have bigger grains for more of a scrub!

-Essential oil of your choosing! I choose lavender because I love the smell

-Coconut oil

These are the items I had just around the house!

When making any type of body scrub you will want to have a 4:1 ratio with sugar and oil.

1.) I took four cups of the light brown sugar and put them into a mixing bowl. Again I would have preferred a thicker grain but this is what was available to me

2.) I then took 1 cup of coconut oil and mixed until it looked like the correct consistency

(I stirred a little longer after it looked like this to make sure everything was mixed together)

3.) Add 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil or the essential oil of your choosing. Lavender is very relaxing so using this is the best especially when I shower at night!

4.) When you are done mixing your ingredients pack your scrub into the mason jars! I pack them pretty full and I give them as gifts in a spa like little package! I used 4, 8oz mason jars.


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