DIY Wall Art!!

These don’t have to be perfect to look really good for something so easy. I found a stick outside, it took me a little bit because I wanted to find the perfect one, which I did! I washed the stick off and picked out yarn that had some of my favorite colors. I did have the yarn already but you can easily find some cheap ones at your local craft store!

I would cut four strings all the same length and then loop them around the stick and this was repeated until I felt like I had enough yarn on the stick. I then took scissors and cut it into a point at the end. You can also just keep them all the same length which would be just as cute!

In order for your masterpiece to hang I wrapped yarn around the end of the stick a little bit on both sides then knotted it. Then I took a safety pin put that into the wall and hung the string off of that and made sure it was center! It honestly took me about 30 minutes, I did keep getting distracted:).

This is definitely a fun and easy craft to do even for a little girls room you can choose different colors and use a dowel if you prefer that over a regular sticky!

Have fun crafting! Hope you have a great day guys:) Here is another little image to show you the colors more !

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