DIY summer fun activity pt. 1!!

HEY GUYS! So it is more than exciting that it is finally summer. Unfortunately the past couple days have been pretty rainy but we are still able to make it fun. Yesterday, we decided to make this play dough like craft! It is super simple to make!

All you need is TWO ingredients! That’s it! You need 2 cups of cornstarch powder (you can find a box for 99 cents at your local target or grocery store) and then a cheap conditioner ( does not matter what kind I got this from target as well I used suave coconut it smells amazing).

The way I found it best was pour most for the cornstarch powder down first and then the conditioner and then the rest of the cornstarch. After that, just take your hands and start mixing until it becomes solid. To me this seems kind of like oobleck if you have ever played with that and kind of like play dough! This makes for a super easy and fun craft!

To make sure it stays nice just keep it in a container with a lid!

Have an absolutely amazing day!

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