DIY Corner to Corner Afghan

Corner to Corner Afghan
Today I want to show you how to create a very simple but very comfortable blanket. I will be making a baby blanket in grey to show you the steps and how to get there. First, you will want to start with six single chain (sc), I am using a size I/9-5.50 MM crochet hook.

Row one: Double crochet in 4th chain from the hook, in the next two chains continue with the double crochet

Row two: chain 6, as stated in previous row, double crochet in 4th chain from the hook and then in the next two chains do the same. Then do a single slip stitch connecting the two blocks together. Then chain three. Double crochet in the next two chains.

Row three: Chain six and repeat the steps with the 4th chain from the hook. Single slip stitch into the next block. Chain three and continue with double crochet.

Continue this growing of the blanket until you get desired length and width. For just a square blanket you can turn around and then continue shrinking the blanket. when a more rectangular blanket is required you will want to continue growing one side while stopping the growing of the other one.

To stop extending the blanket single slip stitch into the last block, then turn your piece around and single crochet into each chain until you hit the end. Then chain three and continue on as you were before.

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