Meeting the Crafter

Welcome to my blog!
This blog was made so I can share my home DIYs, crafts, DIY activities and much more with everyone. I started loving crafting when I was a young girl always making jewelry and loved how relaxing it was. I then took on crocheting and continue to challenge myself in different ways to better my experience. I am currently a sophomore in college going for a Biology with Pre-Veterinary degree and then continue my love for animals and go to vet school. I want to get my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and eventually open my own clinic and or my own no-kill animal shelter. We need more of those in the world, challenging myself with different ways to make amazing art helps me take my mind off of the stress of school and helping me find a way to continue to love both creating art and helping animals. Follow me in my journey with art and getting my DVM. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions, suggestions, anything at all and I will respond ASAP!
Thank you,
pura vida



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